Friday, November 9, 2012

Looking to the future

The Z-RAK 2 Minute Transformer Truck Rack was a big hit at the SEMA Show.. Dealers were buzzing about the quality and functionality of this new truck rack. Seeing the quantity of demand for this kind of truck accessory gives us high hopes. Efforts are being made to adapt to fit all tonneau covers. Before the show the Z-RAK fit with a tonneau cover, and with a few minor changes now this amazing rack will fit with more than 80% of truck bed covers! Thanks to everyone to help us get to SEMA to get the product in front of the world.
With SEMA now behind us we are looking forward at securing distribution, completing manufacturing setup for production, and establishing our direct sales force. We heard at the show that truck accessories are a little soft right now, we do however see many new racks hitting the market. Truck racks are always needed to get the tough jobs done, and with the versitility of this new truck rack we hope to help those out there who are looking for a quality product get the job done.
Quality and safety are our two big priorities. Each rack that comes off the assembly line will meet our high expectations and the expectations of oru customers. Check us out on the web for additional information

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