Monday, October 1, 2012


The all new Z-RAK Truck Rack, worlds 1st 2 minute transformer truck rack. This is not just any old rack it is a rack that comes with all the bells and whistles and it fits into a compact bag you can store behind your seat! We have been developing this rack for the past 4 years, and are ready for a big push into the market. Everyone needs a sleek, good looking Z-RAK, it fits any need and makes your truck look hot!

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History of the Z-RAK:

Zee (ZELJKO SABO) patented the Z-RAK in 2004.  With limited marketing, he handcrafted each rack in his spare time. He worked and sold them over the next 3-4 years until he was injured in 2009
Zee hoped that in time, the Z-RAK would become something more and he slowly made and sold over 200 units from 2006  - 2009. Due to his injury, the product was "shelved" and remained that way until Stan Winters Owner of Wintech, Inc., met Zee and they began to grow the idea. The fact that it was made of 100% stainless steel, the Z-RAK immediately drew captured Stans attention.  For the past 38 years, Stan has owned and operated factories in China and Taiwan that dealt exclusively in Stainless Steel. After they began to discuss the product, Stan became very excited and Zee's excitement was reinvigorated.

Zee originally created the Z-RAK for those who did not want to have a utility rack mounted on their truck all the time. The Z-RAK can easily be removed and reinstalled in a matter of minutes. It breaks down into a small and compact bag. Nevertheless, since it is made of heavy duty, electro-polished stainless steel, it is still aesthetically appealing while mounted on the truck, making any truck versatile enough to get the toughest job done!

Zee and Stan have begun Z-RAK, Inc. and brought on a new partner Fred Selby to assist in bringing the product to the market. With rubber hitting the road this powerhouse team is gearing up to bring this new product to the market with all the bells and whistles that the market is screaming for. "we see this product being as big as the Little Giant ladder" says Stan. We are poised to hit the market by storm.

Product debut will be at the SEMA show
  in Las Vegas October 30th-November 2nd 2012, where we will be meeting with partners to start carying the produt, giving us the ability to ramp up to a production level.

Z-RAK announcements around the corner, starting with the Z-RAK official video commercial spot, showcasing the new product, posting on all media platforms to announce the product launch. Look for it on our website towards the end of October. We will be updating our website as we have new events and information to announce. Look for the Z-RAK hitting the stores by the end of 2012. Pricing for this product will be very competitive with all major brands out there on the market.

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