Monday, October 8, 2012

Z-RAK One of a Kind Truck Rack

The internet is helping Z-RAK gain popularity! Thanks to all of the followers on Facebook, customers linking in, and others talking about the quality of the Z-RAK. With the SEMA show around the corner, customers are anxious to see how the Z-RAK will do. Expectations are high, this truck rack is poised to take the market by storm.

Zeljko (Zee) Sabo the inventor of the Z-RAK has been getting this product ready for market, with research and production over the past 10 years. Zee's family and friends are excited to see the Z-RAK Truck Rack in storefronts soon. Zee has taken his time to build a quality and safe product that exceeds all safety requirements and meets the demand of customers who need a truck rack sometimes.

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